[ <a href="http://www.windsurfing-belize.com/contact.html" onClick="plainwindowF(); return false"> contact / impressum</a> ] <h1>Windsurfing in Belize, Hopkins, Central America</h1> <h2>Belize, especially Hopkins is the place to be - to windsurf, kitesurf or just chill on the beach - <b>Windsurfing in Belize! HOTEL and BEACHBAR,</b> windsurfing equpiment rental and beginners lessons, hopkins hotels, accomodation, camping, easy jamin' athmosphere - Do you like that? Come to Hopkins, come to the Windschief in Hopkins! <b>budget beachfront accomodation</b> and lodging at windchief in hopkins belize, beach cabanas, windsurfing lessons & rental in hopkins belize, beach bar in hopkins belize, internet cafe right on the beach at the windchief in hopkins belize, fishing and snorkeling by the barrier reef, river tours on the sittee river, maya ruins and nice waterfalls not far away all from Belize Hopkins - <b>hotel</b> and <b>guesthouse</b> and budget<b>beach cabana</b> at the <b>windschief hopkins</b>.</h2><br> accommodation accommodations hotel hotels in Belize Hopkins Central America Windschief windchief <br> <b>Hopkins is a nice place in <h2>Belize Central America</h2> by the caribbean sea to try your first windsurfing steps, but not only windsurfing, its hopkins itself what makes your vacation a memorable experience. Hopkins is a small village on the caribbean coast of Belize, it has <font size="+3">guesthouses and hotels</font>, on the beach or more to the back, small budget <font size="+3">guesthouse and hotel</font>, more comfortable Inns, hostels, hotels, camping grounds and all inclusive resorts a littlebit outside of the village of hopkins. <br> When you come to Hopkins, you don't want to leave again.<br> Come to Hopkins, Belize, try some Windsurfing on the caribbean sea, or maybe cayaking, take adventure tours, tours to the islands, fishing tours, tours inland to maya ruins and waterfalls or just enjoy the beach, our beach bar, internet cafe........all in Belize Hopkins Central America</b></p> <h2>1st Destination: Belize City</h2> <br> <p align="justify"> Coming from North America it is best to take an airplane directly to Belize City International Airport. <br> This is not as hard as travelling to Belize from i.e. Europe. Flights to Belize City always include stop-overs somewhere in the United States, most of the times even with an over-night stay. Therefore flying to Belize City will be very expensive. <br> Another option is to take a flight to Cancun/Mexico. From there its easy to catch a bus to Chetumal, maybe enjoy the Riviera Maya of Yucatan for some days. On the way you�ll hit Playa del Carmen, Tulum and more interesting and very beautiful places. <br> From Chetumal they have busses crossing the border to Belize. They mostly go through to Belize City, from where you can reach any bigger town by bus as well.<br> <br> <h2>Next hop: Dangriga/Hopkins Junction</h2> <br> <p align="justify"> To reach Hopkins Junction, however, there are several options to choose from. The fancy way is through the air again - and it is an adventure, too (about US$45). Take a Cesna-like metal bird and take off to a flight you won�t forget easily. Your destination is Dangriga, about 20 miles north of Hopkins. <br> If you choose the way by bus, leave the airport by taxi to one of the main bus terminals (i.e. Novellos) in "Downtown" Belize City. Get yourself a ticket for a bus going south (to Dangriga or Punta Gorda) and jump on.<br> If your bus ends in Dangriga or you came in by airplane, switch to a bus to Placencia or Punta Gorda, leave Dangriga behind and jump off at the junction to Hopkins.<br><br> <h2>The Home Stretch</h2><br> <p align="justify"> Now you have about 4 miles left from the highway straight to the beach, hitch hiking is very popular. Most of the times the bus to Placencia also goes right through Hopkins - so as always in Belize, you are very welcome to ask...<br><br> For US$30 I will pick you up from Dangriga, US$100 from Belize City.<br><br> Anyway the transport system in Belize works very fine, busses mostly are - not as you would expect, when you know more about the country - on schedule and go about hourly. <br> Taxis are available everywhere as well. Belize still is a very untouched place. Only a few backpackers and adventurers are making their way to this source of pure nature, ancient spirits and the friendlieness of the people from all racial and religious kinds. <br> If you come to Belize, you will morelikly be an interesting stranger than a money-throwing tourist. Belizeans are fundamentally friendly to everybody they don't know.<br> However of course they realized that tourism is a very important source of money to their country, so don't be appalled by considerably high prices in admission fees, restaurants or hotels. In many cases you will say "it is definatly worth the money". There are many national parks protecting nature and wild life. It takes a lot to keep them up and like it was said before there are not many visitors around. <br> <br> Belize is devided in 6 districts. The capital is Belmopan and with its approximatly 7100 inhabitants probably the smallest capital in the world. The biggest city (with app. 20.000 inh.) is the former capital Belize City, laying at the cost. Hurricanes are troubling the city periodically, which was the reason of moving the capital to Belmopan. It is situated about 60 miles inside the country. <br> <br> There is a lot to see and to do in Belize.<br><br> <i><b><font size="+1">The coastal line</font></b></i> offers lots of beautiful beaches (south of Dangriga - Hopkins, Placencia), although the water might not be as clear-looking as you would expect. The rivers coming from the mountains sometimes make it look brown. The crystal clear water you can find on one of the islands. Southwater Caye, Laughing Bird Caye, Tobacco Caye - only a few parts forming paradise. Hiring a boat and going to one of those beautiful islands will be something you won't forget easily. <br> There are also two bigger islands with <b>hotels, guesthouses, bars, discos, restaurants. Speed boats from Belize City</b> will take you there for about US$ 10. Ambergris Caye (San Pedro - La Isla Bonita, like Madonna used to sing) is considered the fancier site while Caye Caulker is visited by many backpackers. Prices on Caye Caulker start at US$ 7 for a double bed room. <b>Windsurfing equipment is available on Caye Caulker, Amergris Caye, in Placencia and of course in Hopkins </b> <br> <b>Activities are snorkling, diving, wildlife watching or just hanging out at the beach</b>. <br> Especially for divers the second largest barrier reef of the world is a great experience. It stretches all along the Belizean cost, protecting thousands of small Cayes.<br> Also the Blue Hole or outside reefs like Glovers Atoll are things you'll enjoy.<br> <br> In Hopkins prices for accomodations start around US$ 10 for a double room. Of course there are ways to spend a lot more, for example at the Jaguar Reef Resort or Hamanasi, situated about a mile south of the village. Very nice and clean guest houses are i.e. the Tipple Tree Beya, the Hopkins Inn, The Four Seasons Inn but also many more. <br> It is no problem to find a room almost anytime. Or you bring a tent - it is a very nice experience to sleep right on the beach at one of the camping sites.<br> Hopkins restaurants mostly serve local dishes like baked or stewed chicken with rice & beans, starting at US$ 2,50, but also lobster, all kinds of fishes, burgers, burritos, fries etc.<br> <br> Placencia, a 20miles long and mostly only 100-300 yards wide peninsula, is another spot to be. It is a littlebit more expensive than Hopkins.<br> <br> <b><i><font size="+1">The countryside</font></i></b> keeps a lot ready to be explored. Waterfalls and caves not only in the "Mountain Pine Ridge" (a national park near San Ignacio), mayan ruins like Xunantunich, Caracol or Altun Ha, rainforest mostly in the south with wild life national parks like the "Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctury & Jaguar Preserve" and much more. Nice spots to stay and spend some time you will find in and around San Ignacio. But it's not only about nature and such attractions - it is the friendly people who fulfill the feeling of the easy living athmosphere. </p> <B><FONT size="+1">Ready to go to Hopkins? - Follow me!</font><BR><BR></B> <I><U>ErsteEtappe: Belize City</U></I><BR> <P>Nach Belize City zu kommen, ist leider nicht ganz einfach, aber das macht es ja auch interessant. Ok, man kann nat&uuml;rlich Fl&uuml;ge bis dahin buchen, das wird aber teuer. Belize International Airport wird von verschiedenen amerikanischen Fluggesellschaften angeflogen, z.B. aus Miami oder Houston. Das bedeutet f&uuml;r Europ&auml;er umsteigen und meistens auch &uuml;bernachten in den Staaten.<BR>Sehr viel einfacher ist es, nach Cancun (Mexiko)zu fliegen, von wo aus klimatisierte Reisebusse in jeden Teil des Landes fahren. Hier bieten Ferienflieger zum Teil sehr g&uuml;nstige Direktfl&uuml;ge an(z.B. Berlin-Cancun super-last-minute f&uuml;r <EM>269Euro</EM> !!!). Aber auch normal gebucht ist man mit <EM>600-700 Euro</EM> dabei. <BR>Zu empfehlen w&auml;re jetzt eine oder mehrere &Uuml;bernachtungen in Mexiko an der wundersch&ouml;nen Riviera Maya. <A href="http://www.playadelcarmen.com/">Playa del Carmen</A> ist ein beliebtes Reiseziel oder auch eine einfache Strandh&uuml;tte in <A href="http://www.tulum.com/">Tulum</A> ist ein Traum f&uuml;r Backpacker.<BR>Die Weiterreise gestaltet sich wie gesagt auch sehr einfach und auch preiswert in komfortablen Reisebussen. Ein sehr gutes Bussystem erlaubt Reisen zu fast jeder Tageszeit &uuml;berall hin.<BR><BR>Vom Flughafen Cancun aus fahren Busse f&uuml;r ca. 6 US$ non-stop nach Playa del Carmen. Hier wurde im Sommer 02 ein neuer Busterminal in Betrieb genommen. St&uuml;ndlich fahren Busse in die Grenzstadt Chetumal (ca. 400km) f&uuml;r rund 15 US$. Dabei f&auml;hrt man auch durch Tulum, ein Zwischenstop lohnt sich...<BR>Wenn man direkt nach Tulum will, muss man vom Flughafen aus ein Taxi zur zentralen Busstation in Downtown Cancun nehmen (ca.15-20 US$). Von dort sind es noch 2-3 Stunden bis Tulum.<BR><BR>In Chetumal ist vorbei mit Luxus, hier fahren Belizeanische Busse (amerikanische Schulbusse) &uuml;ber die Grenze nach Belize, die meisten bis Belize City. Schon im Bus kommt man schnell mit den netten Belizeanern in Kontakt, die einem auch gern und unentgeltlich bei den Einreiseformalit&auml;ten helfen. (schlie&szlig;lich m&uuml;ssen sie auf dich warten, um weiterzufahren :o)<BR><BR>Wenn man mit dem Flugzeug nach Belize City kommt, muss man noch ein Taxi zu einer der Busstationen nehmen, um von dort weiterzufahren.<BR>Nat&uuml;rlich kann man auch eine oder mehrere N&auml;chte in Belize City verbringen und sich die Stadt ansehen. Hier ist Vorsicht geboten, die Kriminalit&auml;t w&auml;chst stetig!<BR><BR><I><U>2. Etappe: Dangriga/Hopkins Junction</U></I><BR>Hopkins Junction ist der Abzweig vom Southern Highway direkt nach Hopkins Village an die K&uuml;ste. Um dorthin zu kommen, muss man durch Dangriga, die n&auml;chst gr&ouml;&szlig;ere Stadt ca. 20 Meilen n&ouml;rdlich von Hopkins. <BR>In Belize City hei&szlig;t es also nun, einen Bus in den S&uuml;den zu nehmen (Placencia oder Punta Gorda). Nat&uuml;rlich kann man auch erstmal bis Dangriga und dort nochmal umsteigen. <BR>Eine andere M&ouml;glichkeit ist, nach Dangriga zu fliegen. Kleine Propellermaschinen fliegen mehrmals t&auml;glich von Belize International Airport oder auch vom kleineren Belize City Municipal Airport &uuml;berall ins Land. Und das macht richtig Spa&szlig;! <BR><BR><I><U>Die Zielgerade</U></I><BR>Wenn dich der Busfahrer an der Hopkins-Junction rausgelassen hat, sind es noch ca. 3 Meilen bis ins Dorf. Es ist sehr gebr&auml;uchlich, per Anhalter auf nem Pick-Up-Truck mitzufahren. Belizeaner halten bereitwillig und nehmen jeden mit.<BR>Aber man kann auch Gl&uuml;ck haben und der Bus Richtung Placencia f&auml;hrt direkt durch Hopkins. Ein W&ouml;rtchen mit dem Busfahrer gewechselt und schon wei&szlig; man mehr...<BR><BR><BR>Eine ganz andere Option w&auml;re, mir mitzuteilen, wann du ankommst, und hol dich ab (aus Dangriga: 20US$; Belize City: 90US$)<BR><BR>Aber es bleibt zu sagen, dass man auch durch Belize sehr gut mit dem Bus reisen kann. Die Busse fahren ungef&auml;hr halbst&uuml;ndlich und in jeder gr&ouml;&szlig;eren Stadt kann man in alle Richtungen umsteigen. //-->